Peruvian Andes

Peruvian Andes

The Tropical Andes is a climate-defined region that stretches along the eastern slope of the Andes Mountains in South America. It is unequalled in species richness and endemism, but time is ticking for this fragile rainforest habitat: deforestation and resource extraction are on the rise across the region, threatening the rich diversity of wildlife that rely on it.

Tero is working together with Rainforest Trust and other organisations to establish the San Pedro de Chonta and Monte Azul de Yanajanca Regional Conservation Areas, which will safeguard 625,006 acres in urgent need of protection from deforestation. These new protected areas will preserve vital wildlife corridors and provide the final critical step in closing large gaps in a 2.5-million-acre network of parks and community reserves.

Fact Sheet

Country: Peru

Species at risk: 5

Acres Saved: 530

Trees Saved: 475,022

Tonnes of CO2 eq. Stored: 88,090

Did you know? The landscape here rises dramatically from only 0.5 to 2.5 miles above sea level, with a variety of habitats, including montane forests, dry forests and grasslands.

In collaboration with Nature and Culture International

Our local partner, Nature and Culture International, works to protect biologically diverse ecosystems in concert with local people in Latin America.

Peruvian Andes

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