We're 100% Transparent in how we Invest Money

We're 100% Transparent in how we Invest Money

At Tero, we make a point of walking the talk. In fact, we've committed 80% of all future profits towards climate action. To learn more about why we made that commitment, read our blog post on balancing purpose and business.

But what does climate action mean, and where do we invest that money?

In the short term, we've decided to focus on supporting rainforest conservation efforts around the world. Protecting endangered rainforests is one of the best, cheapest, and most efficient ways of reversing climate change. It's a holistic solution that protects wildlife and indigenous communities and helps store vast amounts of carbon. Learn more about why we chose to focus on this solution by reading our blog post "We do not plant trees", and here's a link to learn in detail about the various conservation projects we have supported.

Now although rainforests are a great way to combat climate change, the crisis won't be solved by just one solution. It's important to use a range of research-backed, intersectional, and high-leverage tools. For this reason, we decided from day one that we would expand our climate-tackling initiatives in the future.

As Tero grows, we look forward to:

  1. Work with policymakers to drive systemic change.
  2. Use the courts and environmental law to bring to justice companies and governments that endanger our planet and future generations.
  3. Double down on nature-based solutions and promote regenerative practices, interactions, and economic models.
  4. Invest in the advancement, research, and deployment of the needed technologies to combat climate change.
  5. Support other planet-saving startups, NGOs, businesses, and grassroots organizations.